The Dirt On Sewage Back Up In Your Body

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss, lymph nodes!  Understanding how important it is to support the health of your lymphatic system is crucial and it starts with your armpits!!!! Were you aware that your armpits have lymph nodes that directly correlate to your breasts and hence the rest of your body?

As most of you know, I had the lower right lobe of my lung removed because I had lung cancer 3.5 years ago, but what you probably don’t know is that with that surgery, lymph nodes were surgically removed as well to make sure that they weren’t cancerous.   As it turned out, thank God they weren’t cancerous because that makes the staging of the cancer more advanced. Because no shock here, your lymphatic system is literally the carrier of how disease will travel.

Unfortunately, I do have lasting effects that tend to flare up from time to time because of the missing lymph nodes down my chest and under my armpit.  This includes swelling, pain, and even flu like symptoms when I fall off the healthy living train.  That healthy train I ride came from years of  battling my way back to health.  In my case, I can’t afford to bog my body down with excess chemicals or toxins because the remaining lymph nodes need a little help to connect to each other and do their job. The reality is that nobody can afford to bog them down, I am just the result of what happens when they have had a backup issue.  According to Jeanette Padilla (2015), Natural News, “If the lymphatic system isn’t working properly, our bodies can’t fight disease or remove toxins.”

My personal struggle birthed a love child and that is my first product innovation on – The Healthy & Safe Deodorant! It’s free of everything and full of goodness but before I give you the skinny on my love child, let me tell you what you are currently putting in your body everyday with your seemingly healthy deodorant.  Here is a great diagram of an everyday deodorant and the chemicals you are JUNKING (clogging) yourself up with:

Toxic Deodorant

As you can see from the image above, common deodorants and even seemingly healthy ones may contain one or more of the following harmful chemicals: Aluminum, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Triclosan, Etc. These chemicals may cause a plethora of maladies to include cancer, hormonal imbalance in both adults & children, organ toxicity, central nervous system issues, cell mutations, and many other adverse conditions.


My crazy shocking journey made several things VERY clear about the lymphatic system.  For example, the leading role lymph nodes play in your overall health, the chemical burden they are subjected to on a daily basis, and how dangerous it is when the system is overworked.

Keep in mind that anything you put on your skin is quickly absorbed in your lymphatic system as well as your vital organs in as little as 26 seconds.  Likewise, always remember that your skin is your LARGEST organ.

The best way to describe this crucial system is to think of it as a sewage system.  Things are great when everything is flowing and dumping correctly, but just as in any sewage system, we are all subject to backup issues.  When a backup occurs you are in essence up poop’s creek because the body starts doing it’s natural process to clean out and unfortunately that’s precisely when your toxins start getting stored in various organs (and excess fat) throughout the body because the system isn’t equipped to deal with such a heavy burden.

Our bodies are wired to function like well-oiled machines, but they aren’t wired to process chemicals and toxins that we can’t even pronounce.  So, I invite you to start thinking about how many foreign chemicals you knowingly and unknowingly introduce into your body on a regular basis completely clogging up the works and making your body’s natural process taxed and more difficult.  Think about someone putting a roll of paper towel down the toilet.  Got the image?  It’s time to call Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor for a plumber or in my case a thoracic surgeon and oncologist.

At the ripe age of 33, I started to become ill with all types of crazy undiagnosed symptoms, and at that time, like any other young person my age I never could have imagined that I had lung cancer.  As a matter of fact, that was part of the reason I continued to be misdiagnosed for two years, I was young and looked healthy.   In that situation, the first thing that you should be asking yourself is what was going on prior to that time.

My Aha Moment

I worked in a beauty driven world covered in making your outside beautiful, but your insides unfortunately ugly due to the chemicals and toxins found in cosmetics, dyes, adhesives, fumes, etc.  You get the point.  I never thought about what a certain product was doing to my internal organs, how I was clogging my lymphatic system, or what I was even inhaling all the time in an environment that is so common to everyone.  To be totally honest I really didn’t care about that aspect, but you better believe I do now.  You really don’t think about that kind of stuff until you have your very own personal crisis moment.  So if you take anything from this article, please start doing the right things now, so you don’t find yourself in a pickle later.  Statistics show that one in three people have or will get cancer.  Environmental stressors play a HUGE role in these statistics.  I am confident enough to say that they play a larger role than genetics and random mutations.  It’s just that regulations and standards in the United States haven’t caught up on that connection or haven’t made it a priority yet.

I am on a mission to help you make one healthy decision a month. I believe that the only way to eat an elephant (just a saying – vegan here) is one bite at a time.  Let’s face it we will never be 100% chemical free but we can certainly do our part to lessen the taxation on our bodies.  My purpose isn’t to freak you out, but to make you supremely aware how important it is to make conscious decisions every day to read labels and seek out and eliminate all chemicals and toxins that may be harmful to your body.

My totally natural and organic Healthy and Safe Deodorant is one way to take your first step toward eliminating unhealthy chemicals from your underarms where many of your lymph nodes are located.  It works better than any chemical driven one on the market giving your underarm lymph nodes a much needed break to do what they do best – FILTER AND DUMP.   Visit to read more and purchase.

No Aluminum, No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Propylene Glycol, No Triclosan, and No Harsh Chemicals or chemicals of any-kind —- AND YES IT DOES WORK!  I took this project very seriously because our lives depend on it!!!!

Healthy Safe Deodorant

Ingredients (vegan): 100% organic coconut oil, 100% organic carnuba wax, 100% arrowroot powder, 95% organic shea butter, aluminum-free, natural baking soda, organic essential oils (lavender, lemon, cypress, and rosemary)

Leslie Welton has a B.S. in marketing, is aesthetics licensed with the Board of Cosmetology, is a certified make-up artist from Make-Up Designory of Soho, NY, accredited through the Living Foods Institute for Natural Healing Modalities, and is a natural and safe product innovator.  In her fight to beat cancer, Leslie used her experience to drive her passion for what she coined The Free Life Recipe.  To enjoy her videos, podcasts, and to browse her growing healthy and safe product line, visit

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